More features added, with more to come!

Today, as viewers may want to know, we will be peforming some site changes.
One pleasant change is that another HP movie trailer is now in our gallery,
the theatrical trailer for the fourth HP film:
"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" is now avalable to be viewed in our
Harry Potter movie trailer gallery page.
As everone should know, it is a rule that, although the trailers are planned
to be a permanent feature, there is only roomm on the page for one trailer
per film. So, each film's theatrical trailer will be placed in our gallery.

Another immediate change is that the "Focus On Autism" video is currently
being moved to a different part of the site.

With all these features placed on other pages, this produces more space on our
main site. We have not decided what to do with the free space, but this much is certain:
The main page will retain some features, but after most are moved to different sections
of our site, there will some definate changes.

To state your opinion on this mattetr, please place your comment in the comments page underneth
this post. (To do so, double-click the "Comments" tab to enter the comments page.)