premires new poster for third HP ultimate edition!

Thanks to, ( , HP fans now can view a poster for the third Harry Potter ultimate edition.

Hor those who did not read our reports some months ago on the ultimate editions, here is a brief overview. Warner Bros, some time ago, re-released
the first two HP films, packed with about 10-15 minutes of extra footage, bonus features, and a digital copy, which can, when downloaded onto a compatible computor, will be avalable for viewing on that computor without the need for a disk.

It is currently unclear what bonus features will come with the third
ultimate edition. The price for the third ultimate edition is unclear at the moment, but it is speculated that it may be priced around $40-45 dollars
for the basic format, and around $55-60 dollars for the blu-ray version of the ultimate edition.

Thanks to for the poster!