New information on the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 soundtrack leaked online!

Thanks to, the titles
for the final Harry Potter movie soundtrack
have been leaked online, as well as a cover
for the official soundtrack, as seen to the left.

It features the same poster we've all been seeing
for the last several months.

Here's the newly announced
soundtrack track titles:

1. Lily’s Theme
2. The Tunnel
3. Underworld
4. Gringotts
5. Dragon Flight
6. Neville
7. A New Headmaster
8. Panic Inside Hogwarts
9. Statues
10. The Grey Lady
11. In the Chamber of Secrets
12. Battlefield
13. The Diadem
14. Broomsticks and Fire
15. Courtyard Apocalypse
16. Snape’s Demise
17. Severus and Lily
18. Harry’s Sacrifice
19. The Resurrection Stone
20. Harry Surrenders
21. Procession
22. Neville the Hero
23. Showdown
24. Voldemort’s End
25. A New Beginning