Harry Potter wins two awards at BAFTA awards ceremony

At the recently held Children's BAFTA awards,
Harry Potter won twice, gaining the
"Best Feature Film" and "Kid's Vote for Best Film"

Warwick Davis accepted the awards on behalf
of the HP film crew, saying:

"Harry Potter is part of popular culture. The series is going to
leave a legacy for generations of children to enjoy.

Look at Star Wars; the original movies are 30 years old,
but we talk about them as though they were released recently.
The Harry Potter films will be the same."

Warwick does raise an interesting point with this statement,
because the question burning in everyone's minds is:
Is this indeed the end of an era?

Or will Harry Potter live on, as a cultural monument,
a phenomenon, for future generations to enjoy?

Such a question can only be answered in time.