Harry Potter theme park set to be constructed in Universal Studios Hollywood?

 According to a post by the Washington Post,
 plans are currently underway for a second
 Harry Potter theme park to be built sometime
in the near future, and an official announcement
is expected to be made soon.

 According to the article:
 "The owner of Universal Studios will announce
before year’s end that it will build a version
of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at its
Universal Studios Hollywood theme park."

So for all you U.S. west coast Harry Potter fans, you won't have to travel
all the way to Orlando, Florida in order to experience the magic.

If an announcement is to be made by December 31st this year,
it can probably be likely that the park won't open until at least summer 2013.

As of now, as usual, this has not been officially confirmed,
but if major websites such as the Washington Post is covering the story,
then rest assured that, unless plans go wrong, a second HP theme park
will be on its way to California within the next few years.