Pottermore.com recieves updates, comments now allowed!

We have received good information that
Pottermore.com, the much-anticipated
Harry Potter themed virtual experience
designed by author J.K. Rowling,
has just underwent significant updates,
which future Pottermore visitors will
benefit from.

Here is the description by Pottermore Insider, the official Pottermore blog.

"We have been working on a number of site enhancements during this time.
Once again, you may not immediately notice the differences,
as some of the important work we have just completed focuses on site performance.

However, you’ll now see some changes in the way notifications work,
including a more streamlined dashboard and a refined owl messaging system.

Help us test our changes by brewing potions, uploading drawings, adding comments,
and interacting with the Moments and features, so that we can monitor the changes
and observe how the site performs."

So, to summarize this post, here is a list of the confirmed additions/changes:

  • Pottermore members can now comment from inside Pottermore itself.
  • Improved messaging system.
  • Pottermore users will now be able to upload fan art.
  • Better interaction with Book Moments and features.

By now, these new, or improved, features will have gone live on Pottermore.com .
Pottermore does not yet have a public release date.