Quidditch coming to London 2012 Olympic Games!

For those of you who enjoy the rapidly
growing sport of quidditch, here is news
that you do not want to miss.

According to an announcement by Alex Benepe,
who is the CEO and President of the  
International Quidditch Association,
Quidditch is coming to the 2012 Olympic Games!

This Quidditch is a real-life adaption of the
Harry Potter based sport, and it will apparently be
appearing at the Olympic Games next year.

Here's mostly what we know so far, thanks to Benepe's announcement:
“In summer 2012 the IQA will organize an expo match in London during the Olympics.
The IQA is currently assessing venues, working with media contacts, and reaching out
to local teams,” said Alex Benepe. “At minimum, the IQA will organize a UK vs. US match,
and may bring additional European teams.”