Pottermore releases new site update, new changes made to Wizard's Duel!

According to an announcement made by
Pottermore Insider earlier today,
another update was made to Pottermore.com .

This update, however, focuses on one
individual portion of the site,
the popular mini-game "Wizard's Duel."

Here is the original announcement concerning today's update:
In mid-December we completed the maintenance work on Wizard’s Duel. 
Since then we have been monitoring the site for your responses and activity.

We are thrilled that Wizard’s Duel is so popular, 

and wanted to explain what you may encounter when using it.

Every now and again you will be asked to fill in a CAPTCHA field, 

which we've added to ensure that the site is well-protected. 

We have also added a limit to the number of Duels you can perform in a given time frame, 
to make sure that all Pottermore Beta users can try their hand at Duelling. 

This does seem to be a disappointing feature.

In other words, when playing on Pottermore.com, you wouldn't be able
to play dueling limitlessly, but would be restricted to a certain amount of duels.
(Example: 1 duel every 15 minutes.)

As was explained, the reasons behind these rather strict measures
is to ensure that all Pottermore users will be able to duel.

This choice, although the average player wouldn't see much sense in these rules,
is also made to make sure that Pottermore itself does not crash from overuse.

Hearing these seemingly small announcements are helpful in one way, however:
It does indicate that Pottermore is drawing closer to being ready to go live online.