Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion plans leaked online! (Part 1)

Finally, after someone "leaked" it online,
we have parts of the long-awaited plans for the
Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion.

 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
 was originally built in Universal Orlando,
 and was immensely successful,
both in financial terms and visitor reviews.

 The announcement of its expansion was
very well received by both press and fans.

According to the article:
"The plans occupy the space between the Fear Factor Live theater and the Disaster! show building on the northwest corner of Universal Orlando- basically all the land now occupied
by the Jaws attraction and surrounding Amity carnival games and shops."

"The northernmost section of the plot - almost half the land within it -
is planned for a massive show building, which will house the Gringotts ride."

This article also confirms the rumor of a Hogwarts Express train ride,
which would connecting the two parts of the HP theme park.
"On the southeastern portion of the plot, a second attraction is designated.
I can't tell from the plans what this attraction will be, but its position is consistent
with the rumor of a Hogwarts Express ride connecting the two Harry Potter land,
as this attraction points into the back-of-house access road that runs straight into
the rear of Sindbad theater where the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is expanding
into in Islands of Adventure."

There are a ton of more new details,
which will be explored at length in our next post.

Thanks to themeparkinsider.com for this exciting news.