New pics of Harry Potter studio tour released online!

Over the course of this past week,
new information has been rapidly released online
about the upcoming "Making of Harry Potter"
studio tour, which takes place in the studio
in which HP films were filmed.

The top left picture featured here is a model
of Hogwarts Castle, which was likely originally
created by the films' set designer, Stuart Craig.
The second picture to the left, below the first,
is a image of visitors entering the building,
with the giant "Making of Harry Potter" sign

Next is another view of the Hogwarts castle model,
this one bringing out more clearly,
the green coloring featured in many
parts of the structure.

The image below it is a collection of man-built
character models, which are used to help the
CGI department re-create the characters digitally.
The characters featured there include,
but are not limited to: Dobby, Griphook, Crookshanks,
(Hermione's cat,) and a mermaid.

Finally, the two bottom images include a snapshot of
the Knight Bus, and a beautiful view of Diagon Alley,
with lights looking down on all the various wizarding shops.

If these images are just a sneak peek at what will await the
Harry Potter fans that will soon enter the building,
"The Making of Harry Potter" will certainly prove itself
to be a truely magical experience.