All 1 million early access Pottermore invites sent out!

It was officially announced today, by 
PotterMore Insider, ,
that all 1 million early access welcome e-mails
have now been sent out to their owners.
They released a short statement on the matter,
 which can be read fully below. For more info 
on Pottermore, go to the PotterMore Insider blog,
You can use the link at the beginning of the post.

Pottermore Insider tells us: "Earlier today,  we sent out the one-millionth Welcome email - 
which means that everyone who successfully registered for the Beta 
should now have access to shortly.

We’re expecting the site to be extremely busy over the next 24 hours
as people log in and explore PotterMore for the first time.

As such, you may have to wait to sign in but please keep trying if you aren't able
to gain entry straight away, (due to the large amount of users on PotterMore.)" is open to the public this October.
No release date has yet been officially confirmed.