Harry Potter e-books delayed until 2012!

It was just announced by msnbc.com that the
Harry Pottere-book adaptions planned to be sold
through Pottermore.com  have been postponed
until sometime in early to mid 2012.

According to msnbc.com, the Harry Potter e-books
will be avaliable on the following digital readers:
 Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and on the Apple iPad.

The Pottermore.com team says
this delay will allow them to:
"...focus on our first priority: opening Pottermore to as many people
as possible and making the experience as good as it can be."

So, sorry to all of you hoping to download the Harry Potter e-books,
but it looks like the books will stay in only print and audio form, for now.
Pottermore.com opens to the public sometime in October.