Pottermore Insider officially answers concerns shared by its viewers!

As was announced by Pottermore Insider
just last week, a news post would be made
addressing Pottermore viewers, and it
turned out to be answers to concerns that
many of its early viewers have expressed.
Here are some of those questions/answers:

‘… It'd be nice to know IF Wizard Dueling will be available to beta testers again. I don't care when, just a yes or no.’- cwbrumm

"...This section of the site has proven to be immensely popular and we’ve been making a number of improvements behind the scenes to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible."

‘I'm wondering how helpful the BETA feedback really will be… I can only click boxes 
to tell them if I enjoy the site and if it runs smoothly. I wish I could tell them what 
I find helpful, and what I think would improve the site.’  -silverquillXX

In the next few weeks, we’ll also be sending out a Pottermore Beta survey. 
Along with opinion-related questions there will also be a space for you to 
add comments, so you’ll be given a chance to tell us specific details if there’s 
something you think we should know about.

‘Do you know why a comment in your house common room might be "under moderation?" Each comment I make won't post and it says that. I have not used bad language, said anything nasty, or broken any rules…’ - Anonymous

If you see that one of your comments is under moderation, please wait until you 
receive a message from the moderation team before trying to comment in the same 
place again – otherwise you might end up posting the same thing multiple times!

‘potions take way too long to brew #pottermore :/’ -Lynsey Ward
We’ve noticed that people are finding that the potion brewing takes too long, so we’re
making some tweaks to these. You’ll see the changes implemented in the coming weeks.

Please note that these answers have been edited slightly to fit into this post,
but you can find the full answers, what didn't make it in here, through this link:
http://insider.pottermore.com/  Pottermore.com is scheduled for its debut this October.