Harry Potter for Kinect coming this Fall!

It was announced to the press yesterday
that Warner Bros. has not turned away
from the Harry Potter franchise yet.

A new video game, Harry Potter for Kinnect,
will debut on the Xbox 360 this Fall.

Instead of basing it on a individual movie
within the existing 8-movie series, 
                                                                             Harry Potter for Kinnect appears to jump
                                                                             between iconic scenes in the movies,
                                                                             such as the sorting hat scene, the troll battle,
                                                               the wand-choosing process at Ollivander's wandshop,
                                          fighting the death eaters in the Ministry of Magic, and many more.

Unique to this game, as opposed to prior Harry Potter video games,
is the ability to create your own character, modeled after a self-picture
the player takes at the beginning of the game.

The game is set for a Fall 2012 release,
although it is currently unclear on what day the game will be released on.

Below is the announcement trailer for the game.