Something big is coming soon to the Order of the Phoenix Network!

Something big is coming!

To celebrate the 3rd birthday of
The Order of the Phoenix News Network,
we will be continuing the tradition of adding
something new and exciting to the blog every year.

Last year it was the new, sleek black design,
as well as all-new in-blog features for you, the viewer, to enjoy.

Today, we can now officially confirm that we are working on a new addition,
which would, we think, attract the interesting of all Harry Potter fans.

Over the course of the coming weeks,
you can expect to hear a lot of news concerning this new project.

We plan on it being a more long-term tribute to the Harry Potter fandom.

Listen to our next episode of PhoenixCast, PhoenixCast #30, for more details!
(We promise, there will be a few details worth listening to.)