Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park coming to Japan!

After a little speculation,
representatives from Warner Bros,
Universal Studios Japan,
and Universal Parks & Resorts
announced that plans are underway
to construct a replica of the highly successful
20-acre Wizarding World of Harry Potter
theme park, which is located in the Universal Orlando theme park, in Orlando, Florida.

Although an exact opening date is still unknown, It is slated for a Late 2014 premiere.

This would suggest that it would not open in time for summer,
when people would be most likely to go out and visit the Wizarding World.

It appears Warner Bros. and Universal do not believe that Harry Potter
might soon loose its magic, but they, by not only keeping open one HP theme park,
but adding another, may believe that there will still be interest in Harry Potter
for many years to come.

So for any of you living in, or near, Japan: Prepare to experience the magic.