Blog updates have come, a little late, but is now here!

I've made posts, over the last month and a half,
informing blog visitors and subscribers that the 
Order of the Phoenix News Network would be making
some changes around May 9th.

Sadly, those improvements were temporarily put on hold,
due to the fact that a special episode of PhoenixCast,
our official Harry Potter fan podcast, was under the process
of being made, to celebrate the beginning of our 3rd year on blogger!

Here's the new changes...
  • Recent PhoenixCast episodes can be downloaded on this blog
  • Instructions on downloading PhoenixCast episodes are also there
  • A brand new site page, "Harry Potter web gadget gallery", has been added.
  • The most recent PhoenixCast episode, PhoenixCast #14, talks all about the blog's origins.
Look for all these changes, now on the Order of the Phoenix News Network, now!
PhoenixCast #14 can be downloaded on itunes and libsyn. 

Here's the link to the official PhoenixCast page on Libsyn: