wbshop.com now offering Harry Potter fans a chance to order their own customized Hogwarts acceptance letters!

Warner Bros. is now giving all Harry Potter fans
an exclusive chance to order your own,
customized Hogwarts acceptance letter,
for only $24.99, and can be purchased online
through the wbshop.com website.

 This offer is only available on the wbshop
website,and cannot be found anywhere else.

 As you can see below, there is a link, provided by us that will, in fact,
bring you straight into the wbshop.com website, and right to the product page,
where you can see additional information on this customizable Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Here is a description of the customizable official Hogwarts letter:
"...this personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter
panel is a fantastic gift for any Harry Potter fan.

This letter is a replica of the one sent to all incoming Hogwarts students,
printed with your very own name. Featuring the official Hogwarts crest,
it is available in 5" x 7" and 8" x 10" sizes, and with American or British wording.

The American wording starts with,
"We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,"

The British wording begins with,
"We are pleased to inform you that you have a place
at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Of course both versions are signed by Minerva McGonagall,
Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts.

Printed on 1/4 inch thick Chromaluxe panels that don't require any framing,
these replicas are highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, scuffs, scratches, water, and fading.
The panels include an attached easel so they can stand on any desk, shelf, or night table.

To order your own official Hogwarts letter, which I highly reccomend, double-click this link: