The Order of the Phoenix Network celebrates its 3rd year online!

This blog has been around since May 9th, 2009,
and is still on the web now in 2011!

I am sorry I couldn't post this sooner, but with me
just coming back from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter,
I haven't had much time to make this post.
Here we are, with the final film only months away,
and I look back at this blog's history.

Exactly two years ago, we were just getting ready
for the sixth Harry Potter film's release,
J.K. Rowling was on her way to publishing
"The Tales of Beedle the Bard".

Now, here we are, awaiting the end
of Harry Potter on July 15th.

 It's only when those good old days have passed by,
that I see now just how special they really were,
and just how much I took for granted.

I am proud that the Order of the Phoenix Network
is generating so many viewers and subscribers.
I never dreamed that I would attract such loyal fans.
I can only hope that those reading this post enjoyed
seeing this blog as much as I enjoyed maintaining it.
Thank you all for your support. It makes all the difference.