A review of the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" attraction in Universal Orlando!

Thankfully, after a long stretch of time, I finally was able to go visit
the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" attraction in the Universal Orlando
theme park, and have great things to say about it as a whole.

I went on one of the Harry Potter themed rides, and enjoyed it.
The food served at the Harry Potter park was a mix of U.S. and British foods.

One minor disappointment was Ollivander's wandshop.
The lines were incredibly long, and only 1 out of about 20 would get to
go through the whole "the-wand-must-choose-you" process.

For only a little over 20 acres, they sure did fit a ton of Harry Potter themed
activities. People who don't want to go on the rides can still have a ton of fun.
For instance, you can just enter Hogwarts castle without going on the ride inside,
and just explore the castle, bypassing the normal line, and see the sights!

Being inside Hogwarts castle was just amazing. I'll save a full review for our
next episode of our podcast, "PhoenixCast", but I'll just say this one last thing:
The castle tour is amazing, and can take up a good amount of time,
because of all the familiar Harry Potter locations you can see inside.

You can eat up about 20 minutes just looking around inside.
I won't say much now, (Best save that for the podcast,)
but really, for either the casual Harry Potter fan,
or the die-hard Harry Potter fan, it'll be worth it!
So, check it out for yourselves!