Blog upgrades coming soon!

I am happy to announce that soon, this blog will be experiencing some major changes.
Here are some of the changes that will take place as the Order of the Phoenix upgrades
itself to version 3.5:
  • The "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movie Page" will be taken down.
  • The list of past PhoenixCast episodes will be updated with our newest shows.  
  • Our F.A.Q. page will be updated with additional or revised information.
  • Our "Sponsors" page will be updated with new sponsors worth noting. 
  • The "News subscription information" page will be taken down.

The information on subscribing to us, that was featured on the News Subscription Info
page will be moved to its new home on our F.A.Q. page!

All of these changes/improvements will go into effect starting on September 1st,
to commemorate the start of the school term at Hogwarts.

We are partnering with the PhoenixCast blog to put newer podcast episodes
onto this blog for our viewers to try out, and hopefully enjoy.

Please note that it is unknown at what exact time on September 1st
that one or all of these changes will take place.

Thanks to all our viewers for your continued support, and your 3,300 views this month!
It was your support that made this blog (soon a website) what it is today!