Special collector's edition for Harry Potter films to be avaliable this November?

This is a picture of the upcoming official, entire
Harry Potter film collection, containing all 8 films.

It contains 16 disks, 2 disks per film, one for the
film, and another containing special features.

Along with the films is a specially designed
container to hold them, with the official
Hogwarts seal.

 But this isn't the only cool thing about this
collector's edition, certainly not.

This special collector's edition also features an
official Harry Potter wand, one featured prominently
in the final film. Fans will know it as the Elder Wand.

You can pre-order in France now for 199 Euros.
It is set to be released on November 30th.

It is currently uknown when this Harry Potter movie collector's edition
will reach the United States, or the rest of the U.K. ,but it will probably
be also sometime in late November as well.

Thanks to mugglenet.com for the tip!