British scientists work on creating more Harry Potter based tech!

British scientists have announced that they have developed another piece of technology
based off of Harry Potter, binoculars which they say can allow users to pause,  rewind,  
and play back whatever they are viewing, similar to the magical device used by Harry Potter.

The digital devices, developed by researchers at Sony, could make 
sport watching even more enjoyable.

In the fourth HP book, 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' , 
Harry was shown using a very similar piece of wizarding tech, 
called an Omniocular, to watch the Quidditch World Cup. 

Sony calls these new video binoculars the "first devices of their kind".

According to, these Sony devices can record anything
in either regular viewing, or in 3-D, which can be replayed on 3-D TVs. 

Here is another example of a piece of Harry Potter's world
making its first appearance in our own. Is this a good idea, or not?