Pottermore.com continues to let more lucky fans enter the site early!

 The official Pottermore blog set up by J.K. Rowling,
PotterMore Insider, updated itself with a new post,
telling viewers that more of the people selected for
early access to the site have been allowed in.

"On Monday 15 August, we began sending out
Welcome emails to a small number of Beta users."

"These people have been busy exploring the site,
commenting when they like something,  and
making suggestions when they find something
that they would like us to improve."

"In just four days we’ve learned an awful lot and, as a result,
have started making changes to improve the Pottermore experience."

"We know that a lot of people are eager to receive their Welcome emails and that it’s difficult
to wait but, as we mentioned in our earlier blog post, we’re staggering  entry to Pottermore
and to start with we’re only letting a small number of people onto the site."

If any of you reading have been allowed early access to Pottermore, congratulations.
Pottermore.com goes live on the internet this October.