Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 german release date announced!

Thanks to information provided by amazon.com,
Harry Potter fans in Germany now have an official
release date for the final film: December 31st.

I am sorry to say that you fans in Germany will NOT
be getting the final film for the holidays.

The price was 26,97 Euros, so it will not be cheap.
(The nice thing is that it is available in Blu-Ray.)

So if you live in Germany and want to order
the film, use this link: http://www.amazon.de/Harry-Potter-Heiligt%C3%BCmer-Todes-Amazon/dp/B005HGXSFG/ref=pd_cp_d_0

No U.S. or U.K. release dates, (apart from France), have yet been announced.